Icon Savings Plan, the first portable, universally accessible workplace savings plan.

Icon, the trailblazer in the portable retirement plan was chosen in two categories for creating the only retirement plan open to every working American.

New York, May 4, 2021 — The winners of Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced today, honoring businesses, policies, projects, and concepts that are engaged and committed to pursuing innovation in solving health and climate crises, social injustice, or economic inequality.

Icon was chosen in two categories: “Companies on the Rise” and “Wellness.” Icon is innovating the ways companies offer retirement plans and who they offer them to — every worker in the…

Icon, portable retirement savings built for the modern workforce.
55 million working Americans don’t have a retirement savings plan.

Traditional retirement savings plans are failing the modern workforce.

Today there are 55 million working Americans (over half the workforce) that don’t have a workplace retirement plan. Because saving for retirement hinges on your employer, and millions are without access to a workplace savings plan, it’s time to reinvent how Americans save for their futures.

Features have become flaws.

The world has dramatically changed since the 401k was created a half century ago, leaving traditional retirement plans behind and unable to support how we live and work today. These plans are built for people who work for the same employer most of their…

The retirement industry is complicated, outdated, and serves a workforce that no longer exists.

Roughly half of us don’t have access to a workplace retirement plan — that’s 55 million people. Worse, the number of people with access to a workplace retirement plan, a 401k, has been declining for years.

A system that fails half of us is a system that is failing all of us.

A Complicated History Produced This Complicated Product. For decades, the $8-trillion 401k industry has had a virtual monopoly on workplace retirement savings plans. 401ks dominate the retirement ecosystem and have become the very definition of a retirement savings plan. …

Icon Savings Plan

Retirement savings built for the modern workforce. www.IconSavingsPlan.com

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